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2012-09-12 18:11:53 by battleshield

Hey guys,

It's nice and all that you want to scout me...

But I don't understand what I get out of it!
Seems pointless to me...

Please, enlighten me!


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2012-09-12 18:23:12

It's simple. If you are scouted your songs will appear in the audio portal as well as show on the recent submissions when you submit new pieces. Otherwise they won't (they'd still be visible via your profile though)


2012-09-12 18:57:58

It means you can dance if you want to.

battleshield responds:

Great! I like dancing.


2012-09-13 11:56:54

Simple, if you aint scouted nobody can see your work in the public portal, only through your file. I.E. getting scouted will superboost your views. It's a miracle I even found you let alone the guy below me.

battleshield responds:

Whoop-tie-doo. Thanks for informing me.


2012-12-19 21:33:02

I barely get the process myself, but you have been scouted.

battleshield responds:

Yeah like 30 times... I don't see the point of it.


2013-02-01 06:52:34

Here, maybe this will help you:


2013-11-27 21:01:50

I bet it's a bug in their system. Numerous people ahve scouted you but your STILL appearing on the miscounted list...


2013-12-03 13:41:24

Seriously, what Czery said... I just looked and you're there yet again LOL what is this